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I am so excited to finally share with all of you my trip to Incline Village Lake Tahoe!

This was another quick trip for a wedding, but as professional wedding guest attendees, we do our best to get in as much sight seeing and exploring as we can.


When we first arrived, we unpacked and headed to Incline Beach Park before it was time to start getting ready for the rehearsal dinner. If you read my other travel post about my trip to Chicago, then you know how surprised I was to see Lake Michigan! This struck the same emotion as the lake water was so blue in Lake Tahoe. This was unlike anything we have in Texas. The water was pretty cold but felt so good to be in the lake. We also stayed with our friends at Parkside Inn. This place had the yummiest waffles for breakfast and a gorgeous view of the pines to watch at sunrise. I would definitely recommend staying here or at the Hyatt, which I will cover in just a bit. Both locations were really close to the beach and the wedding venue so it was nice we were allowed a lot of extra time for exploring.

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The next day we went for a hike in incline village. I have never felt so out of shape until I went on this hike! The altitude killed me and had to make Chris stop almost every 10 minutes. I had drunk a lot of water before we even started our hike, but it seemed like water wasn’t enough. Pro Tip – if you ever visit Lake Tahoe, be sure to drink A LOT of water. Being from Texas, it was hard to tell how the altitude affected me until it was too late. I knew it would be like Colorado, but for some reason, the first couple of days of altitude is always a shock to my body.

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Speaking of altitude, I also have some gummies linked that really help with altitude sickness and nausea. I always keep them handy in my carry on and toiletry bag. Trust me, you will thank me later. 😉

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I was really regretting our hiking decision every minute uphill, but once we got to the top, we had the most incredible view of Incline Village! My leggings are no longer available but you can shop the rest of my outfit below.

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After our hike, we went back to Incline Beach Park and ate at their delicious grill! If you ever have the chance to go, the fish tacos and hamburger are a must! I would have loved to have taken pictures, but we scarfed those down before I even thought of a good photo op!



Before heading to the wedding, we went to explore Lake Tahoe Nevada, State Park. This was probably one of my favorite parts of the trip. We had such a pretty view of the lake and got to see a lot of the wildlife. We all wished we had more time rent a paddle board or jet ski out on the lake! Paddleboarding is my FAVORITE watersport activity. I would have killed to have gone paddle boarding on such pretty water! This is just an excuse for us to go back in the future, right?

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The wedding was at a gorgeous church that looked out to the mountains and reception at the country club there. We had so much fun at the cocktail hour on the golf course lead by a full night of dancing. There was some time in between the wedding and the cocktail hour so we went to explore the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe and then grabbed quick drinks at Lone Eagle Grill next door. Then, we sat outside and enjoyed another incredible view! The food looked amazing and definitely recommend their bar for drinks outside or even inside during the colder months. My wedding look is linked below. My exact dress is almost sold out, but have several inexpensive styles linked that are perfect for a fall wedding!

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Before our flight left the next morning, we went back to explore the state park one last time. There were so many people out in the water having a good time, that we just hated to leave. We were also able to snag breakfast at Tunnel Creek Cafe. Again, we failed to take foodie pics, but the breakfast was so delicious! We highly recommend this place if you ever visit Incline Village. It was also really close to the hotel which made it the perfect place to stop and eat before heading back to our flight.

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Like any vacation, this was way too short, but so much fun! Have you ever been to Lake Tahoe? I would love to hear your recommendations for my next visit. Any guesses where I am headed next?





  1. September 25, 2017 / 4:32 pm

    Thank you for the great hiking tips. The view was definitely worth the hike. Love your pics. You look stunning in the blue gown. I have never been to Lake Tahoe. Hopefully some day 🙂 Are you going someplace tropical for your next trip?


  2. Kati
    May 24, 2019 / 1:59 pm

    Hello! I was interested in the gummies for altitude sickness that you posted about but I cannot find where they are linked?

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