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I am so excited to share my trip to Nantucket with you all! Sorry for being a bit MIA the past couple of weeks. Harvey has really thrown off my schedule at work and my time allotted after to write you all a solid post! This was my second time to visit Nantucket, and was, even more, fun than my first trip there! I wrote my post a little bit differently than my Lake Tahoe Travel Post and my Chicago Travel Post. I have my post laid out as more of a travel guide highlighting my favorite things if you ever have a chance to visit, which, I truly believe you must at least once in your life!


I had the privilege of attending Christopher’s family vacation last year to Nantucket. It is a tradition in his family to go there for vacation, and I was so excited I could tag along. When they asked me to go again this year, I did not hesitate to say yes! Nantucket is one of his family’s favorite places on Earth and has definitely become one of mine!

Brant Pointe Nantucket - Kristen word2thbyrd

Brant Pointe Lighthouse - Word2thabyrd Kristen




We stayed at the White Elephant and I highly recommend staying there if you ever visit Nantucket. It was the perfect size for my soon-to-be family and the hotel service is impeccable! The location of the hotel is within walking distance of the main street with the shops and dining. Also, Chris and I timed it, and it is a 3-minute walk to the Juice Bar if you walk fast enough. I will get to my obsession there in a bit. 😉 You can also rent bikes or a car through the hotel. The hotel decor is absolutely adorable and the way the rooms are designed to make you feel like you are on the perfect vacation.

White Elephant Nantucket - Kristen Word2thabyrdWhite Elephant Nantucket Hotel - Kristen Word2thabyrd


The White Elephant has cottages you can stay in also a little closer to the Brant Point Lighthouse that is too adorable. There is also a delicious restaurant, The Brant Point Grill, that you have to dine at least once on your stay. We weren’t able to this year, but the last year we went we had Sunday brunch there. It was probably one of my favorite meals I had on that trip! They (literally) have any type of food you could ever want at that brunch and it is SO delicious! The hotel is also close to Children’s Beach (the cutest beach) and they have their own relaxing pool for guests to enjoy. They also have a fun happy hour each day in the lobby with delicious port wine and cheese that is perfect to tide you over until dinner!

So, what I’m really trying to say is this: If I could choose to live at a hotel, I would 110% be this one! Not only do you have a beautiful view of the beach, you have a view of the incredible sunsets, and an awesome porch. Add that with their amazing food + glass of wine and you are set for life!

Here are a few more fun shots strolling outside of the White Elephant before dinner, which brings me to my next topic 😉

Word2thabyrd White Elephant - Nantucket KristenWhite Elephant Nantucket Hotel - Kristen Byrd






Before we dive in, I also want to mention that there is not a bad meal anywhere on the island of Nantucket. I have always thoroughly enjoyed EVERY single meal I have had even if it was just a cracker. A lot of the meals we had there also were around a fun area to explore, too! It made our trip even more relaxing to just take in the beauty of the island. For anyone that is curious, all of the restaurants I am about to list are definitely “foodie” material, so get excited 🙂 .

The first night we arrived in Nantucket we went to The Straight Wharf. Oh man, was this place delicious! Not only was all of the food so incredible, we had the view of the harbor sunset while we ate dinner! I love cold soups, and they had the most delicious zucchini soup I had ever had! I then had the hake for my entrée and it was also delicious. It was the perfect first meal to kick off the trip.

Wauwinet Nantucket - Word2thabyrd KristenWauwinet Nantucket / Toppers - Word2thabyrd Kristen

I am so torn on whether to call Oran Mor my favorite meal of the trip or Nantucket  Galley Beach. The food at Oran Mor is a MUST and the main course options are especially unique. We did a tasting, which I highly recommend, but their regular menu is also fabulous! My favorite dish from there was the black truffle buccatini. This was some of the most delicious pasta I had ever had! It was fun mixed in with all of the seafood I had been eating, even though a type of fish is always my go-to. The feel of this restaurant has a cool intimate vibe and is so unique from the other restaurants on the island. If you go to Nantucket, you have to add Oran Mor to your list.

I don’t think you will be able to find a more beautiful sunset than the one at Galley Beach. Not only is the food incredible, you have to go for dinner to experience the beautiful pink sunset. It is so fun to watch while you enjoy a glass of wine and your dinner! I also highly recommend getting there a little early so you have time to take pictures on the beach with the sunset in the background! I had the most delicious tuna appetizer called the tuna crudo that was like a Spanish poke mix. Has anyone else been on a poke kick lately? For my entrée, I had the most delicious halibut mixed with bits of potato and chorizo, yum! This restaurant was perfect for anyone to dine at whether you are with the family, on a date, or having a girl’s weekend!

Topper’s at the Wauwinet is the perfect brunch spot! This also comes with another beautiful ocean view. We sat outside on the patio and in Nantucket there is no better place to do so to enjoy their perfect weather. We first started off with their donut holes that came with a delicious chocolate and raspberry sauce. Then for my entrée, I had to do the build your own omelet. After brunch you can explore the grounds – The Wauwinet is also a part of The White Elephant and would be another great place to stay as well!

Last but not least, I have to give a very important shout out to the Juice Bar. If you ever go to Nantucket, you must go here every. single. day! It is such a fun after dinner treat or a great place to grab a smoothie in the afternoon. The Juice Bar is tiny but so worth the wait! Once you get inside, you get to see how they make their delicious waffle cones and are immediately bombarded with any kind of flavor and topping combination you could ever want. Chris told me to recommend to Y’all his childhood concoction of coffee and nerds! You will not be disappointed! 🙂

Wauwinet Nantucket - Word2thabyrd Kristen




If you like to fish, then Nantucket has some awesome fishing! We woke up early one morning and went deep-sea fishing. It was rough waking up early on vacation, but so worth the beautiful sunrise on the island! The fisherman we went with were experts and we were guaranteed to catch some fish. I had been deep-sea fishing twice before, but this time was a lot different. I will warn you it got super rocky, but none of us got sick which was such a relief. We ended up catching 10 bluefish that we found out were used served at The Straight Wharf for their amazing Blue Fish Pate’! Here are a couple of pictures from our trip…I even ended up catching the most fish. 😉



You really can’t go wrong with any beach on Nantucket, but I think Siasconset is my absolute favorite! I found Siasconset to be quieter and more relaxing than some of the other beaches, but we also weren’t there during their busy season. Surf Side Beach and Madaket are always fun as well! Surf Side has the cutest snow cone hut, however, only open during the summer/ busy season time. Madaket is also such a pretty beach and really can’t go wrong with any for some family bonding time.

Nantucket Main Street - Word2thabyrd KristenNantucket Main Street - Kristen Word2thabyrd



The Whaling Museum is also a great stop to learn about the history of the island. I definitely would visit especially if it is your first time to Nantucket. Any Gilmore Girls fans out there like, moi? You have to check it out and get a fangirl moment where Emily Gilmore was a curator in the new season. I still am not over that it has ended and keeping my fingers crossed Netflix hits us with more episodes!

White Elephant Nantucket Children's Beach - Kristen Word2thabyrd

White Elephant Nantucket Children's Beach - Kristen Word2thabyrd



Last but not least, I have to mention shopping! Main Street and the surrounding streets are the places to go! You can find stores like Vineyard Vines and fun boutiques like Salt Nantucket, Town Pool, and Nantucket Looms to name a few. C.J. Laing is also another favorite at a cross street towards Main! They have the prettiest blouses and fun baubles perfect to wear on vacation. There are plenty of shops for children and must hit up Murray’s for the men :). Salt Boutique is another favorite of mine. They have a unique assortment and clothing at a great price point! Main Street is so much fun to wander in and out of boutiques and shops for fun treasures to bring back home!

I hope y’all enjoyed my quick travel tips and the best places to shop, eat, stay and explore! There will definitely be another Nantucket trip in the future, and hope that y’all are able to make it to the beautiful island someday as well!
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  1. September 28, 2017 / 6:25 am

    You look DARLING for the entire trip! No surprise 🙂 Brandon and I have always wanted to go to Nantucket/New England. You are making us want to book a trip right now!

    • Word2thabyrd Blog
      October 1, 2017 / 10:02 pm

      Y’all have to go! It is a perfect couple’s getaway or family vacation!

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