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Not only was this my first year ever to attend StyleCon, it was the first year StyleCon was in Dallas! Lucky for me, this was only a 3 1/2 hour drive away, and in a city I frequent! This was my first blogging conference to ever attend and it was such a pleasure getting to meet style influencers and learn about new brands!

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I have to admit, I was so nervous before attending this conference! I had never been to a blogging conference before and didn’t know what exactly to expect. I felt so much more relaxed knowing several of my blogging friends were going such as, Haley from Red Rhinestone, Kristine from Kristine’s Kaleidoscope, and Alessandra from Alessandra Laura – be sure to check them out!

The Conference

When I first walked into the conference, I was greeted with this massive bag of goodies! I was so excited because 1) I love gift bags 2) I couldn’t wait to see what was inside! I wanted to look but there was so much going on, I didn’t know what to do first! The booths were set up much like the Houston rodeo ( minus the cute animals) and there was almost an overwhelming amount of brands and things look, touch, and eat!

Before finding my friends, I did a quick loop around until I stopped at Catherine Lowe’s booth. Any bachelor fans out there like me? I have only been watching since I graduated college, but this show has become my guilty pleasure after surviving any Monday after work! I mustered the courage to say “hi” to her and check out her adorable line of greeting cards called Lowe Co. I was proud of myself for acting normal ( I tend to get starstruck… see my post – 10 Fun Facts About Me ) and she even gave me one of her greeting cards!

The Snacks Were Amazing…

Next, I found the girls and we ventured off to the amazing snack station. Y’all. You don’t know how much I love snacks. Why? Because I haven’t had the chance to tell you! To me, SNACKS ARE LYFFFEEE! I am a grazer and never realized how much I snack until Chris came to my house one day and told me that most people don’t have 4 to 5 bags of Goldfish hanging around…all half – eaten… haha! Anyway, back to StyleCon.

There were popsicles, Fit Joy Protein Bars, Kind Bars, Boxed Water, Harvest Snaps, Bean Crisps, and Beef Jerky, and Puffins cereal snacks! I have them all linked below as these were pretty new to me except for the Kind Bars (I have been a fan of those forever!) We all took so many snacks throughout the course of the day that I had snacks at my desk in my office for almost over 3 weeks! I was so excited to learn about some snacks that were easy to grab and on the “healthy” side.



We then wandered around some more and found the Boohoo booth. If you haven’t heard of Boohoo, you need to check them out. They are a UK online fashion retailer that has made its way over to the US with a few pop-up stores. The styling and price point reminds me a lot of ASOS. They had pieces from their fall collection for us to try and got to try on this adorable red leather jacket! I have linked a couple of items below from the show that I had an eye on!




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All To Be Discovered…


Also, I had the chance to check out the cutest vintage booth, Vintage Martini. They had a variety of designers – YSL, Chanel, Hermes…you name it. All the pieces looked very fresh and the price point was more reasonable than I was expecting. I had to try on this beautiful YSL leather jacket. I was definitely drawn to leather jackets at the conference. I still have dreams about this guy right here! It was so pretty on. I can’t wait to make a trip back to Dallas to visit them in their store!

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Then, I discovered Glamsquad. It is a service similar to uber where makeup artist or hairdresser will come to your house to help you get ready for wherever you may be off to that evening! How convenient is that? I am dying to try their service out for my next professional wedding guest role or next big event!

Is anyone else in love with beaded bracelets and necklaces just as much as I am? I discovered Ronnie M Jewelry all the way from California! All of her jewelry is handmade and all of her pieces have their own specific meaning. She was the nicest person and immediately fell in love with her brand. I was drawn to a beautiful amethyst beaded bracelet – you know how much I love purple! The amethyst stone stood for balance and intuition and thought those resonated with me the most out of all of the stones. I loved all of her jewelry because it could be layered together with other pieces and mixed and matched with the jewelry I already owned. I can’t wait to war my Ronnie M bracelet at the TCU game this weekend.

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Style Collective

Getting a chance to listen and meet Annie Spano, the founder of Style Collective, was probably by far my favorite part of the conference. She was so easy to talk to and even hung out with us for a while at the conference. For those of you that don’t know, Style Collective is a blogging community that offers industry insights, tools, and ways to better manage and monetize your blog. All 3 of my friends attending the conference were members so it was fun to meet up as #scsisters and especially meet the founder! They also have city meetups and other get together’s. Whether you are a new blogger or have been in the business a while, it is a great community to get involved in. If you want to join, be sure to apply through my network here.

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All in all, StyleCon was definitely a success! It was so special to meet so many wonderful influencers and bond with new friends! Having the chance to meet others like Annie was an invaluable experience. I would also recommend going to anyone that is interested! I am hoping they have it in Dallas again next year because it is sure to be a blast! : )



  1. November 1, 2017 / 4:56 pm

    This sounds like it was so much fun!!! I hope it comes to Chicago. You looked beautiful as always!! xo Meli

  2. oneswainkycouple
    November 13, 2017 / 3:22 am

    Looks and sounds awesome!! Loved reading your post on this! The conference I went to this summer wasn’t specifically for fashion so I’m eager to go to another one!

    Katherine |

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