5 Things I Have Been Working On Lately

Hey friends! January felt like the longest month everrr and I am so excited we are moving on to a more springy season! Don’t get me wrong, I love this season of my life, but I am so anxious as I am getting so close to my wedding date!

I am not one for “resolutions” but over the past few years of “adulting” I have tried to be more on top of my game. With that being said, I now hold myself accountable for more things in my life. I have learned that I like to be in control (at least when I can) and take action. So, I bring you 5 things I have been working on lately. These are goals that I don’t only want to set this year, they are things that I would like to keep sticking to as time goes on!

  1. Workout Routine & Healthy Eating: Before you think, “How typical,” don’t stop reading! I feel like EVERYONE struggles with this and this is something I need to make sure I take into consideration. Whether it is squeezing in some BBG or going to Soul Cycle after work, I make sure that at least once a week I have done some form of workout. Yes, just once a week. Twice or three times is amazing, but right now I am just making sure I at least make it to one class. I have been so busy lately (wedding planning and all) it gets hard to add a good workout to my routine. If there are days I know I’m going to be doing a lot of sitting, I take the stairs to my office and park far away so I have a nice long walk back to my car! I also make sure I pack a healthy lunch and snacks every day. Sure, I splurge every now and then, (I can’t say no to queso) but I make sure to make it up with something healthy the next day! Meal prepping really works the best for me because I have a set plan of what I am eating as opposed to being tempted by other meals. I am not much of a chef, so if anyone has any good recipes, send them my way!
  2. Devotional: It is a goal of mine every evening to squeeze in some quiet time. Whether I am listening to my favorite Podcast, studying Breaking Free, or Jesus Calling, I have to do a mini personal worship session. For those of you that also like to read Jesus Calling, I know it is meant to be read in the morning, however, my mornings are just too crazy to sit down and absorb God’s Word. That’s why I like to wait until the evening to really dig deep. One of my friends also leads a bible study with the book, “Breaking Free” by Beth Moore. We watch the videos that come with the book series and discuss our thoughts, prayers, and personal struggles. It is so nice to have built a community and deeper friendships with women that are just as passionate and crave fellowship.
  3. Friendships: My community built on bible study definitely has me thinking about alllll my sweet Houston friends. Knowing that I am moving from Houston to Dallas in the next couple of months has also made me treasure the current friendships that I have. Not only do I hold my besties close to my heart, I have also made new friendships this year from blogging! I am so sad to have made new friends and then all of a sudden having to leave. However, I know our paths will cross again in the future and I’m very thankful for blogging events that will keep me involved! So, friends, don’t be a stranger! ūüėČ
  4. Career Driven: I’m always craving new ways to grow in my career and everyday life. I have been so fortunate to be able to try different job roles and industries after graduating college and my graduate program. Although retail is where I have the most experience, it has been interesting to see how similar other industries are and then how they differ. Although it has been rewarding, I am ready to hone in on one industry once I make my big move.
  5. Sticking To It: Finding time to stick to all of these things is really the hardest part and why I save this point for last. There might be some days that I am better about sticking to my “goals” than others, but it’s all just a work in progress, right? Bringing healthy meals usually results in me wanting to work out more because I don’t feel sluggish. This also gives me positive energy to work harder at my job and my blog after work! So really, eating healthy for me is HUGE! It gives me the energy to accomplish more things! Sticking to a healthy workout and diet usually keeps me focused and motivated and trusting more in the Lord. So, there you go, moral of the story – eat healthy! Haha! Honestly, even though it’s tough, it’s all so worth it. When I am on track and keeping up with all of these things, I know I am a much healthier and happy person.

So, there you have it. My goals for the upcoming months & life in general! Also, since we are moving into a more springy season, no blog post would be complete without sharing an outfit! I found this dress in Belgium on my Christmas Vacation and it is a staple in my closet for spring! This print also comes in an adorable blouse that I have linked below!






photo cred: Si Creative Photography


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