The Perfect Floral Dress For Summer

Blue Floral Dress By RestaurantBlue Floral Dress By RestaurantBlue Floral Dress By Restaurant


Hey, everyone! I’m sure you can tell if you have been following the past couple of posts that I am getting ready for my wedding and my honeymoon! I A lot of organizing, purging, and packing has been happening over here at the Byrd House! Getting ready for my honeymoon has been so exciting and has given me a chance (or another excuse) to go shopping! If you know my style, you know I love floral pieces and easy/ throw on dresses. I believe I have found the perfect floral dress for the summer!

I have been planning months for my honeymoon and wedding. I want to make sure each event is extra special and have had my wardrobe ready for a while. You can shop everything in my suitcase, here.  I am so excited to go to the South of France! I have never been before and I made sure to pack versatile pieces. Thankfully, it isn’t as hot there as it is in Texas so it will be refreshing and nice to walk around! I also talk a little bit more about all the activites we plan on doing in this post here.


I plan on bringing this adorable blue dress! The store I purchased it in just put it out on the sales floor when I walked in. I knew I had to have it! I ended up sizing down in this dress to a size 2. I can’t wait to wear this dress paired with sandals, wedges, or even a fun pair of white tennis shoes if I want to be extra casual. Also, how adorable would this look with a straw bag or denim jacket? This dress comes in a few other prints I have linked below as well!


Blue Floral Dress By RestaurantBlue Floral Dress By RestaurantBlue Floral Dress By Restaurant

I can’t wait to share my honeymoon and wedding pictures with all of Y’all! I am so excited for all of these adventures ahead!





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