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Hello, everyone! I am back from the honeymoon and feeling refreshed! Like my Christmas trip to Paris and Belgium, I wanted to share with y’all a travel guide to Saint Jean Cap Ferrat! I hope you saw my post where I share a little bit about my honeymoon. Also, if you have been following along for the past couple of weeks,  you have seen a lot of outfits which are all included throughout my travel guide! Just click the image to shop.

Our main goal on our honeymoon was to relax and enjoy our time together as a married couple! I think it’s safe to say that is ideal for just about everyone on their honeymoon. However, Chris and I aren’t always the type to just sit on a beach all day. We are happy as can be relaxing but we are adventurous and like to explore! I also can’t take all the credit for this trip. While I was busy planning the wedding, Chris planned this whole trip and did such an excellent job! Writing this has made me want to go back even more!


Since my wedding was in Houston, we flew directly from Houston to London then took a flight from London to Nice. We rented a car in Nice and drove about 30 minutes to Saint Jean Cap Ferrat and our hotel! I would recommend renting a car, but there are shuttles from the airport that can take you to the hotel and taxis in case you did not want to hassle with one! We knew in advance we were going to rent a car so we could easily drive to Provence for the second part of our trip.

Our flight from Houston to London was perfect. Once we arrived at the London airport we had about two hours before our flight to Nice which gave us plenty of time to relax and get ready for our next flight. This may sound like a lot of traveling, but the flight from London to Nice is only about an hour and a half. Nothing was delayed and we were able to get our rental car and head to the hotel in no time!

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We stayed at Hotel Royal Riviera and LOVED our entire stay. The grounds were beautiful and the food was out of this world. The rooms were spacious and we loved having our own private patio. This was especially nice to sit outside and relax with a glass of rose after being in the sun for too long. The hotel staff is lovely and the hotel felt more intimate as it wasn’t a gigantic resort. Early June is the perfect time to go and wasn’t too crowded at all. The hotel had it’s own private beach and pool. From a distance, it looked just like we were staring into a Gray Malin photo and couldn’t have been more picturesque! The private beach was one of my favorite parts and wasn’t too crowded either. I am not one for crowds (I don’t know many that are) but it made the beginning of our honeymoon a lot more relaxing and more special!

We stayed in a little area of the hotel called Villa Orangerie that required us to walk through the gardens to get to breakfast! This was my favorite way to start our morning on our honeymoon! There was this beautiful arch of vines and jasmine that we would walk under and I could seriously have spent all day walking back and forth through it! Luckily, taking a lot of blog photos by the pool gave me this option, haha!

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There are so many places to eat in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat and was fun to venture into Nice a little bit to find some new spots to dine! I think our favorite place to eat by far was actually at the hotel’s restaurant La Table Du Royal. We had our breakfast here on the patio every morning and they had the most incredible buffet. There was any type of croissant, bread, cheese, or pastry you could ever imagine! We would typically eat so much at breakfast that we didn’t need to eat a big lunch and then would just end up having a big dinner. Our first night on our honeymoon we ate here and let me tell you –  the courses never end! From having a mix of seafood, vegetables, meats, and all different kinds of desserts we were so stuffed and had to say no to the cheeses at the very end. I was so sad, but we were about to bust! I told Chris we would just have to take another trip back 🙂 .

Our other favorite dinner spot was actually located in Nice. JAN, was by far one of our favorite meals of the trip! The menu was South African, which, I had never really had before. It was very exotic but so delicious! This restaurant had several different wine pairings along with each course. There was a really good variety of fish, pasta, and other types of meat! The desserts were also fantastic and the restaurant had a really nice ambiance. I also am dying to go back here as they change their menu frequently!

We also loved Les Amoureux in Nice! This was this delicious casual pizza spot that we had planned for our more relaxed evening. We loved it so much the first time that we went back before our flight back to London at the end of our trip! It’s a very small and adorable restaurant inside. It also smells amazing once you walk in and they have a great selection of different types of pizzas! We ordered a pizza with soppressata and basil and couldn’t have been happier. We ended up taking our pizza to-go so we could watch the sunset at the pier! This was such a fun and relaxed evening and went to Villa Sur Franche after for gelato! I forgot to take note of the name we stopped for gelato, but there were so many amazing spots!

We explored the town of Eze about 15 minutes away from our hotel and had lunch and drinks at Chateau Eza. This hotel felt very similar to where we were staying in Cap Ferrat as it was more intimate. It was beautiful and the view was absolutely incredible! I highly recommend going to this little town for lunch if you ever visit. It was a fun little adventure after we laid out by the pool that morning.

We also loved the little boulangerie,  Les Delices de Marius. We stopped here for lunch one day for a quick bite and they had the most delicious quiche and loaves of bread! All of their other pastries and sandwiches looked amazing as well.

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Be sure to read my post on Villa Ephurssi de Rothschild home and gardens! It was a 10-minute walk from our hotel and is BEAUTIFUL! If you are in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat or in the French Riviera, it is a MUST.

Another spot Chris and I really enjoyed was Paloma Beach. Although our hotel had a private beach, Paloma Beach is where we ended up spending our last day of the honeymoon. We ended up coming back to Cap Ferrat from Provence since we flew out of Nice to go back home late on our last evening. So we thought it would be perfect to go back to where our vacation started! We walked by Paloma Beach early one morning and knew we had to come back to visit. There were a lot of shops and restaurants all around the beach and loved the casual atmosphere! We went to Paloma Beach Restaurant Plage and laid out on the beach and enjoyed drinks! Their menu looked amazing but we opted for a quick bite back at Les Amoureux since it was on the way to the airport! Paloma Beach would be a great public beach to stop by if you were in Cap Ferrat for the day!

We also loved the little town of Eze mentioned above. It was so close to our hotel and was a good afternoon visit! The medieval town and streets and buildings were covered in beautiful bougainvillea making it such an exciting place to explore! If you plan on exploring Eze I would suggest wearing comfortable shoes! This town is built off a cliff and is very steep, but none the less, an awesome place to explore! We were also excited to find several creperies and gelato upon our arrival!

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I hope this guide was helpful and inspires you to visit Saint Jean Cap Ferrat! It was the PERFECT spot for a honeymoon and I can’t wait to go back someday. It was truly a vacation I did not want to leave! Be on the lookout for my guide to Provence coming to the blog soon!






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