Perfect Dresses For The End of Summer

Pink dress pink dresss pink dress pink dress pink dress pink dress

Summer is one of my favorite times of the year and I am so sad it is about to come to an end! With this Texas weather, it is sure to stick around a little longer even when fall rolls around. That is why I have picked out several dresses that are perfect for the end of summer and go right into fall!

Speaking of summer, I hope you have had a chance to view my travel guides and details on my honeymoon with a few more coming soon! I am honestly never ready for fall! I love the jewel tone colors that are always present, but I am so much more of a spring and summer type of girl. If you have been following along for a while, you definitely know how I feel about this! With the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale just ending,  I always feel a little burnt out, but it is great to get introduced to fall items earlier to plan your wardrobe! Also, fall doesn’t mean back to school like it did growing up – thank goodness! I so much prefer getting dressed up for work every day or for blogging events than school (don’t we all)?


I picked up this dress the other day and knew I had to have it because it is HOT PINK! Pink is one of my favorite colors so I am always drawn to it while shopping – especially for summer! It also comes in black for those of you that are looking for a more versatile option. I love dresses like these because they can be easily paired with a blazer or sweater over them for work! I also thought it was fun paired with this color I am loving from Londontown on my feet!

I have also picked out a few favorite dresses I have had my eyes on that are perfect for this time of year! Some of them even go into fall or can be worn year round!










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