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Oktoberfest EntranceMainzTubingen & moto jacket

Hey, Everyone! I just got back from Oktoberfest in Germany and had such an amazing time! This was my first year to ever attend and hope it won’t be my last! This trip was a surprise to me, planned by my sweet husband, and I am very grateful as he did a lot of research to make our trip special. We had such an amazing time, and of course, I want to fill all of you in about my trip! So, I have come up with 5 key tips for making your trip to Germany and Oktoberfest successful!


5 Tips For Having A Successful Oktoberfest


  1. Make reservations for a table at a tent ahead of time. The tents open table reservations in April. If you don’t have a reservation you can easily access all the tents on weekdays before 2 pm. Saturdays and Sundays are crazy busy and a reservation is needed!
  2. Wear comfortable shoes. There is a lot to see and do at the festival so I would be sure to wear comfortable clothes. I wore my booties the whole time and was extremely comfortable both days walking to and from our hotel. Plus, it worked perfectly with my Oktoberfest outfit!
  3. Buy your drindl or lederhosen in Germany. Once you get to Munich, there will be plenty of shops that carry all Oktoberfest attire. I was traveling with a big group and had about 30 minutes to find my outfit, but landed with a fun wine colored drindl. They are a little pricey – expect to spend close to $150 on each outfit. We were there for the last weekend of Oktoberfest and my husband ended up finding his outfit on sale – good thing to keep in mind!
  4. Make sure to bring Euros or know where an ATM is accessible. We noticed a lot of the vendors only accepted Euros as opposed to credit cards. Also, if your table and reservation are paid for ahead of time, this will put you a little more at ease!
  5. Try all that you can! The food is delicious. Our table reservations included chicken, a sausage and cheese plate, pints of beer, and pretzels. While this may not sound too exotic, the food was delicious and authentic to Germany.


Oktoberfest festival



Munich, Germany

Besides making the most out of Oktoberfest, we had a lot of fun exploring Munich. Since we were mainly there for the festival, we didn’t have as much time to explore as we did like on our honeymoon. I wish we would have had time to go to one of the museums, but the Glockenspiel in Marienplatz was definitely a site you don’t want to miss! It was also fun to wander around the Englischer Garten and then go to the Viktualienmarkt market for lunch! Hafbauhaus Munchen is a must and worth going to for a beer. All of these sites are walking distance to the festival or a quick ride on the subway.


Tubengin townRhinestine Castle Mainz

Small Towns in Germany

A few other towns we stopped through on our trip were Tubingen, Mainz, and Stuttgart. Tubingen was one of the CUTEST german towns I have ever visited. We stayed one night in Tubingen and wish I could have stayed 3 more days and explored. The town was so pretty and very authentic as it had not been bombed in WWII. There was an awesome beer garden on the river at Gasthausbrauerei Necharmuller and had the best dinner on the trip at Gasthaus Baren.

Mainz was another adorable town and about a 30-minute drive from Frankfurt. We were able to stop in Mainz to explore the town square and grab some quick croissants and breakfast pretzels.

Rhinestine Castle


Right before our flight, we also had time to drive through the southern Rhine River Valley. It was so beautiful to see the rolling hills of vineyards accompanied by dozens of castles. We quickly stopped in the Rhinestein Castle and were not disappointed by its history and architecture. Honestly, we stopped here because we were running out of time and it was easy to pull into on the side of the road, but we were in a time crunch and were dying to see a castle! It was beautiful and FYI to all brides: they use the castle as a wedding venue! šŸ™‚

Like my other travel guides, I hope you enjoyed this fun and quick guide to making your Oktoberfest a successful visit!









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