Scarves for Spring – 3 Different Styling Tips

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Daylight savings happened this week and I seem to be barely hanging in there! Even though it is just one hour, I seem to have the hardest time adjusting. However, I LOVE that it’s lighter in the evenings and means summer time is approaching! I know I’m not the only one ready for patio weather šŸ˜‰

One of my favorite trends lately has been neckerchiefs and scarves tied either around your hair, bag, or used as a bracelet. If you read my post from last season about wearing a scarf 3 different ways, then you will also love this one! I took my favorite twilly and will show you how to add it to your half pony, wrist, and straw bag, all spring ready! I also particularly wore this one because Chris said I maxed out my pink limit in our home BUT there isn’t any limit in my closet!


scarves in hair profile scarves in hair scarves in hair


I can’t decide which way is my favorite but this one is definitely at the top of my list. I feel so feminine wearing scarves in my hair but also feel more classy and updated as opposed to wearing a hair ribbon in my hair in middle school. Definitely not a time I look back on fondly…moving right along…


scarves on bag


This is probably the safest way to style your scarf! I love bright and colorful ones like the one I’m wearing because they add the perfect pop to any neutral colored purse. I had to style it with my grandmother’s vintage straw bag and also think it would look adorable on a straw crossbody bag as well! Another easy way to style would be tying the whole scarf around one of the handles and tying the ends. It changes any outfit without having to do much effort!


scarves on wrist


I found out recently that husbands are good for another thing – tying knots and wrapping your twilly around your wrist. It can be done by yourself but is just so much easier to have someone else do it for you! If I haveee to do my own, I just wrap mine around my wrist two or 3 times and double knot it. I may have to do some shimmying to get it in the center, but it really takes no time at all. So, it can be done by yourself – I just get lazy and prefer someone else to do it! I love wearing it as a bracelet because it’s is so adorable and adds a fun twist to any outfit!

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