5 Essentials For Your Beach Vacation

Hawaii beach vacation Matching Workout Set Essential Vacation Outfit 5 Essentials for your beach vacation

Take me to the Beach!

The world is opening up again, and things are starting to get back to normal! Hooray! I had the opportunity to go to Hawaii a few weeks ago with family and had the best time! It was so nice to travel again, do things with loved ones, and have a beautiful beach vacation to look forward to visiting besides my living room!

I am sure many of you are feeling the same and ready to break free! I went all out for my honeymoon (read about it here and here) a while back but didn’t do much shopping for a beach vacation or any tropical getaway last summer. I had the perfect beach bag and coverups, but I missed shopping for dresses, good sunscreen, and fun workout sets! It’s crazy how things change in a year, so I decided whether you are staying local this summer or jet setting near crisp blue waters; here is an easy packing list for you to keep in mind!

5 Essentials For Your Beach Vacation


Bronx & Banco Dress Beach Vacation Hawaii Party Dress


Whether you have a destination wedding or want a few options for dinner, I’ve got you covered! I worked hard to find some cute options for you all and some great styles you can wear all summer long! A brand new to me that I have discovered is Bronx and Banco. Ever since purchasing this purple dress (unfortunately sold out), I have fallen in love with this Australian brand and included a few styles in my roundup below!



5 Essentials for your beach vacation


I have had my straw beach bag by Hat Attack for a few years now that I bought it for my honeymoon. I was a little rough on it, and the handles have unraveled but have since given it a minor facelift with these fun looks like Hermes twilly scarves. I love them because you will be picking up your bag up and down with greasy sunblock hands and don’t have to worry about ruining the real thing! Despite my bag needing some TLC, I love it because it is easy to pack and can double as a carry-on. I have found a few others new this season that would also be so cute poolside with your bag in one hand and drink in the other!



Beach Bag Beach Vacation


This one is a huge one for me. I hate being unprepared and burn easily. When I was younger, I would go camping for three weeks and had the best tan. From sitting inside at my computer all day, it seems the sun doesn’t have the same effect and lasting glow as I used to get in the summer. Also, if you are on vacation, the sun is probably more intense depending on where you are, and it is crucial to have good sunscreen. My favorite sunscreen for my face has been Elta MD ever since I can remember. I never burn when I wear it, and a little goes a long way. I also love the coverups and swimsuits by Cabana Life. I discovered them when I started blogging and have been one of my favorite brands to work with and wear their pieces for many years to come. Their clothing has UV protection in each piece, and a lot of their pieces are so versatile, so you will always be protected by the sun!


Matching Workout Set


I have been LOVING workout sets lately! They have been my favorite outfit to wear to pilates and while I was in Hawaii. It’s an easy outfit, and I could throw a top on for a casual breakfast and then go on a run in my cute set before or after! I especially love the styles by Beach Riot right now, and that is where I found my cute rainbow set. I found a few of all different price ranges for you to shop!



Party Dress Beach Vacation


I always overpack shoes on vacation. ALWAYS. I don’t like to be unprepared and want to have different options in case certain activities arise. I have learned comfortable white sneakers and comfortable sandals you can wear both with a lovely dress and to the beach are always a good idea! If I bring a pair, I always pack my lightest shoes in my carry-on tote that I usually double as a purse. *Packing Tip* I usually pack a purse inside my carry-on tote, so I don’t have to carry all of these bags and have it ready to go all in one place! This allows room for more shoes in my bag and versatile options. I found a few below that won’t crush easily and will be perfect wherever you go!

Summer Essentials Beach Vacation

This was so much fun to put together and share my trip and favorite items with you! I hope you have the best summer and safe travels!

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